- proudly tested by STATUS

The Bedrock Reclining Van Bed passed the EC76/115/EEC seat belt strength anchorage test at the first attempt when mounted on a rigid steel frame. It passed with such integrity that the very same undamaged bed was used for, and passed, the in-vehicle simulated crash test.


Both these tests were carried out by STATUS, the Specialist Transport Advisory & Testing Utility Society, which means that you can be sure that the Bedrock Reclining Bed by Vamoose meets the highest standards of safety and construction.

See below for exclusive video of the tests.

The Bedrock Reclining Van Bed is the only rock'n'roll style bed to pass both of these tests first time.

the tests: EC76/115/EEC

The first test, the EC76/115/EEC for seat belt strength anchorage is carried out with the bed mounted on a steel frame.

This is the standard pull test for seat belt safety and purely checks the integrity of the seat belt mountings and not the structure of the bed when mounted in a vehicle.

See video of the test here.

The BEDROCK RECLINING VAN BED passed this test with such integrity that we used the very same undamaged bed for the in vehicle-simulated crash test.


The in-vehicle simulated crash test EC Directive 76/115/EEC amended by 2005/41/EC & ECE regulation 14.07 for M1 loading when mounted in a VW T5. This test represents a head-on crash into a solid concrete block at 30 mph.

Despite the severity of this test our BEDROCK RECLINING VAN BED still worked perfectly with only minor distortion to the rear of the based plate.

See video of the test here (side view) and here (rear view).

BEDROCK RECLINING VAN BED is the only rock n roll style bed to pass both of these tests first time.